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Sheriff 101

Defending Constitutional Rights: A Guide to the Office of Gem County Sheriff.


It’s solely up to the Sheriff to protect, uphold, and preserve our Constitutional rights. Stand up against Government Overreach and politicizing the Sheriff's Office to violate our God-given rights under the Constitution. The Sheriff's posse is an integral part of its resources from a missing person, traffic and crowd control, and if necessary protecting and guarding our county.  Also if an Emergency is declared, the Sheriff can and will Deputize its law-abiding community members against all enemies foreign and domestic.

The Office of Sheriff of Gem County is a four-year elected term. The Sheriff has jurisdiction over the entire county as the only Constitutional authority, handling everything from warrant service to traffic to calls for service, and is also responsible for running the county jail (used daily by all local agencies). 

Any registered voter within the county of Gem will find the Sheriff on their ballot in the November 2024 primary election. This is, oddly, a non-partisan race so the May primaries will allow all voters to choose their candidate.

The Sheriff of Gem County plays a very different role than the police chiefs hired by the mayors and councils of our cities. Those police chiefs answer to politicians and can be fired at any time by the same politicians who hired them. The Sheriff answers to We the People and only to the people who elected him into office. The Sheriff manages a budget of approximately $2 million annually to maintain, train, equip, pay, and otherwise take care of our Sheriff’s Office and the people it serves.

A Sheriff’s Deputy has primary jurisdiction anywhere in the county that has not been annexed by a city. Deputies have a secondary jurisdiction anywhere in the county annexed by a city. A deputy can enforce state and county laws anywhere in the county of Gem and is expected to actively support all law enforcement agencies within the county.

It is very important to elect a good Sheriff who cares about all the people of Gem County and their quality of life. It is important to elect someone who has a vast and well-rounded law enforcement experience, upholds high standards of professional conduct, “Stands for the Constitution” and can be trusted to take care of his deputies, detention officers, and staff. It is important to elect a leader you can trust.

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