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Chuck Rolland (former 3-term Gem County Sheriff)

Tom John

Ty and Rhonda Tomlin

Zeb Lanham

Mac and Sandy Raslan

Brett Irish

McCall Irish

Dave Chambers

Robert and Sarah Perry

Mike Martin

Linden and Janice Carr

John and Tracy Nunez

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Conservatives Of: Idaho


Join Ronnie for a Safer Gem County

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A Letter to the Voters

Because of the overreaching crime in our county and attacks against our constitution and our way of life and, after much prayerful consideration, I have decided to run for Sheriff of Gem County.  Special thanks to Chuck Rolland and all who have encouraged and influenced this decision. I am grateful for each of you and your support.

As Sheriff, I will bring “Honor, Courage, and Commitment, with fair and equal justice and application of the law”. It will be my mission to make the Gem County Sheriff’s Office one of the finest in the State of Idaho, bar none. Our good deputies, detention officers, and staff need to be proud of their dedication to service and the difference they have made in the county. You, the law-abiding citizen, should be proud of them.  This can only be accomplished by proper leadership and training.

All deputies will be well versed in protecting the rights of the citizens in pursuance to the Constitutions namely the Fourth Amendment. This amendment shall be memorized and understood by all my deputies and detention officers. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were drafted to place in writing our God-given rights. A good deputy understands and ultimately protects people's Constitutional rights. Always.


The Sheriff provides essential services to all of Gem County and works with all county and city officials to protect us and keep us safe. From addressing traffic safety violations, gang activity, illicit drugs, etc., a strong Sheriff’s Office can and will make a difference in our quality of life. 

The first line of defense against enemies foreign and domestic is our law enforcement professionals.  Every time they approach a stopped vehicle or answer a call to service, their lives are at risk. Yet their bravery and heroics typically remain anonymous and unheralded.  It is the Sheriff's responsibility to ensure that deputies are well-vetted, properly trained, supervised, and held to a higher standard.

When the Sheriff lacks sound leadership qualities, which is all too often common in law enforcement around the country, the result is the Sheriff’s Office being underprepared leaving those on duty in peril. The deputies patrolling the county and working in the jail are serving in insufficient numbers to properly protect and serve our communities including backing up our municipal city police officers. Inadequate leadership creates difficulty in hiring and retaining highly trained staff. 

I know exactly how to change that. It starts from the top down. Promotions would be merit and performance-based. First-rate training, proactive approaches to solving crimes, and strong leadership throughout the ranks, are a few of my top priorities.

Sound leadership will be the focal point of my tenure as Sheriff. I am a former Sgt in the United States Marine Corps. The Marine Corps’ culture of leadership excellence is no myth and I know what being a good servant protector is all about. I intend to instill and maintain an environment for exceptional law enforcement in pursuance of the Constitution. When hiring new deputies, detention officers, and general staff Gem County will be the focal point for local recruitment.
It will be my objective to maintain top-quality law enforcement and professional public service for our deputies and detention officers.  Positive cooperation is key in working with all our communities as well. A good Sheriff will lead the Sheriff’s Office, which includes all staff and personnel. I will work to lead our communities and towns to unite under one shared principle to have a safer Gem County. 

"The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were made to keep things fair and just for everyone. A good cop knows this and makes sure to always protect people's rights, plain and simple."

Ronnie Knittel

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